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Our philosophy to care is very much a person-centered one

Elderly Care Guidance

Choosing a care home is a very big decision to make, especially when the decision is being made on your relative’s behalf.  Making such a decision can be an emotional experience.

However, knowing that Ashwood Healthcare provides the best quality care in addition to a high-quality environment, we like to believe that this decision will be an easier one to make with us.

We intend to offer residential care to people who need assistance with some part of their daily living that they cannot manage for themselves such as personal care, washing, dressing or mobility. Each client will be assessed before admission to ensure that we can meet his or her individual needs. Our philosophy to care is very much a person-centered one.

From the very first moment of assessment to making a placement, our primary focus is to get to know each person as an individual, identifying his or her preferences and needs.

Once a full assessment is completed, our team will create a tailor-made care plan, which is regularly updated to ensure their needs and preferences are constantly met. This will then help identify which outside professionals will need to be contacted to ensure the best possible care and support is available to every resident.

We warmly welcome you to Ashwood Healthcare Home. We are confident you will enjoy and consider us as your new home and that your stay with us will be a happy one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a Residential Care Home?

Residential Care Homes are dedicated to providing accommodation, meals and personal care for those who are finding it difficult to cope at home. We like to see this as ‘a home from home’ with the benefit of 24 hour quality care.

2) Why move into a Residential Care Home?

Moving into Residential Care needs a lot of thought. It has many advantages such as being provided with high quality personal care, greater security and the companionship of other residents.

3) The first step?

If the fees will be paid by yourselves (i.e. no funding from Social Services), then you can contact the home directly. If you have decided that you like the home, an assessment will be made as to the needs of the prospective client to determine whether we can cater for and offer the right kind of care.

If on the other hand, you are asking for funding from the local authority for all or part of the fees, you should approach your GP, your local Social Services Department or a designated care manager if one has been appointed. They will carry out an assessment of your needs, also determining whether you would qualify for funding by the Social Services. However, please feel free to contact the home for further information or assistance.

4) What do the fees cover?

The fees vary according to the clients individual needs. Our fees cover the accommodation, meals and 24 hour qualified care from Ashwood Healthcare qualified staff. In contacting the Manager of the respective Home, you can be advised any additional items or services which may be available at an additional cost, for example, hairdresser, chiropodist and opticians etc.

5) Can a residential care home provide for someone diagnosed with dementia?

The short answer to this question is no. However, our residential care homes are homes for life. If we admit a client who’s health declines to be in the scope of dementia or nursing, we will endeavour to meet their needs and maintain the care for any such individual for as long as we can together with the help and support by outside specialists or professional bodies.

6) Do the Homes have an ‘open door’ policy?

Yes. Our Homes do have an ‘open door’ policy meaning that the residents can accept visitors when they please. The Home can also accommodate the resident’s visitors for a meal. However, the Home would require prior notice to be able to accommodate for this.

7) Can I walk into an Ashwood Healthcare Home for viewing?

Absolutely. We encourage the public to take a viewing if they are considering a move to a Care Home even if it is for future enquiries.

8) What happens if Nursing Needs are Required?

Any minor nursing input that may be needed will be implemented by the local District Nurse and not by the staff of the home, as nursing care is not provided.

9) Do You Offer Short Term Care?

Yes we do. Respite care can be provided for both Residential Care Homes. This is essentially short term care which may be useful as a ‘holiday break’ for the prospective client, or to cater for times when the prospective clients personal carer may be unavailable for a short period of time.