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Our team delivers care and support in a very caring and compassionate manner

Quality Staff

We invest in our team to ofer the highest level of personalised care.

The Manager manages the Home with the support of the Assistant Manager, senior care staff, care staff and a range of ancillary staff. We ensure that all staff undertake the relevant training.

All staff will receive and undertake the statutory training in Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Fire and Emergency Procedures, Moving and Handling, etc.

In addition, staff will be working on QCF Level 2 and 3 Diploma’s in Health and Social Care courses and any other course that may be relevant to the residents that we admit, such as Parkinson awareness, diabetes awareness, Dementia Care etc. These are all in addition to the statutory training which is ongoing. We believe in investing in our team to enable them to carry forward Ashwood Healthcare’s philosophy on care by adopting a very extensive and comprehensive training programme, which goes far beyond the requirements and expectations of the respective regulatory bodies for the industry.

However, at Ashwood Healthcare, we don’t feel that having the necessary qualifications is enough. This is why our team delivers care and support in a very caring and compassionate manner, always assessing and providing for ever changing needs for each individual.

We believe that no two people are exactly alike and that no two residents need precisely the same care. Our ‘person centered’ approach enables our team to ensure that each and every resident maintains independence and dignity, even as their individual needs change.

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