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Our Philosophy

We enable our residents to maintain independence and dignity, as their individual needs change

Ashwood Healthcare was established in March of 2002 for the purpose of providing quality healthcare for the elderly. From this very moment our aim has always been to meet the unique needs of each and every resident.

At Ashwood Healthcare we are committed to providing quality care delivered with compassion and empathy, where we enable our residents to feel valued and loved with all the dignity they deserve, within a homely environment.

We provide quality services and individual care to make our residents feel as much at home as possible. We offer modern standards of care and comforts whilst still preserving a very traditional and homely atmosphere.

Through the commitment and dedication to quality care as well as providing excellent and homely environments, Ashwood Healthcare have built up excellent reputations within their local communities around Folkestone, Kent.

We have always felt that no two people are exactly alike and that no two residents need precisely the same care. We always knew that the best way to provide effective care is to have a ‘person centered’ approach. We have always strived to enable our residents to maintain independence and dignity, even as their individual needs change.

We make sure that our staff receives extensive training and support to enable them to give the residents the best possible care with compassion and empathy whilst still promoting our core principles of independence, dignity, the right to privacy, freedom of choice, individuality, respect, trust and the importance of involvement from family and friends.

It is with this simple vision that Ashwood Healthcare was genuinely able to make a difference to people’s lives. Ultimately, this was the goal, to make a difference.

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