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At Ashwood Healthcare, we believe in providing a warm, comfortable and welcoming environment

Committed to Care

We make sure that we are up to date with the ever changing requirements and regulations.

Ashwood Healthcare is committed to the care of older people. We feel it is vital that the people in our care are provided with the very best care. We do this by ensuring our staff are suitably trained and confident in providing care to meet individual needs.


We understand that choosing a care home for a loved one is one of the most difficult decisions one could make. There are many factors that need to be considered. However, at Ashwood Healthcare, we believe that the most important factor in a care home is actually the quality of the care being provided. In addition, we also believe that the ‘philosophy’ of care is equally important.

Our ‘philosophy’ to care is very much a person centered one. From the very first moment of assessment to making a placement, our primary focus is to get to know each person as an individual identifying his or her preferences and needs. The Management of the respective Home will have an in-depth discussion with each resident and their families so we have a detailed view of each individuals needs, lifestyle, medical history, preferences, interests, hobbies, favorite foods, past achievements and experiences, etc.

The respective Home will remain in constant discussion with the resident and those close to them. Our team will create a tailor-made care plan, which is regularly updated to ensure their needs and preferences are constantly met. We also work in conjunction with local GP’s and other outside professionals to ensure the best possible care and support is available to every resident.

At Ashwood Healthcare, we feel it is crucial to show an interest in someone’s life from the past to the present in order to genuinely know and understand each individual on a personal level. Once we thoroughly know the individual, then we can confidently say that we can provide for that individuals personal needs and preferences. It is then we can provide the utmost quality in care and begin to excel the quality of life of our residents whilst preserving dignity and promoting independence in a traditional homely environment.

We make sure that we are up to date with the ever changing requirements and regulations within the sector. We are primarily regulated by the Care Quality Commission. We have always welcomed the involvement of the Care Quality Commission as we believe in being a ‘proactive’ care provider responding to changing requirements within the sector effectively and efficiently. We have always believed and will continue to believe that improvements can always be made and in addition to the review of our own practices, the involvement and input of regulatory bodies are also fundamental in achieving this.

Additionally, at Ashwood Healthcare, we pride ourselves in being a ‘responsive’ provider in highlighting and providing for our residents changing individual needs.

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